At AeroEngines, we live and breathe P.Ponk conversions. As P.Ponk experts, you can trust your engine upgrade to us. Contact us to find out more about the P.Ponk conversion and why you should consider one if you have a Cessna 180 or 182 aircraft.

With a P.Ponk conversion from AeroEngines, you will be able to achieve significantly improved climb rates and higher cruising speeds usually found in aircraft with turbochargers. Enjoy longer engine life and a more reliable engine in the long term. Get over obstacles and low altitude weather with ease due to more power under the cowl. Enjoy higher performance with a P.Ponk engine conversion from AeroEngines.

Benefits of a P.Ponk conversion:

  • Additional 35-45 horsepower under your cowl for about the same price as a factory rebuilt engine.

  • Your aircraft will takeoff using less runway, climb faster, cruise faster and be less expensive to operate on a per mile basis.

  • Utilizes existing engine mounts, baffling, exhaust and cowling. No airframe modifications.

  • Dramatically increase performance by improving thrust, giving you the capability of higher cruise speeds with little, if any increase in fuel consumption.

  • Being a carbureted engine, there is virtually no change in operation or maintenance procedure.

  • Reach your destination sooner which means fewer hours on your engine, and airframe, and less flight time for you, and your passengers.

  • Flight tests have produced speeds up to 189 MPH using aircraft that do not have any airframe or speed modifications installed.

  • A precision balanced engine offers several advantages, including significantly improved performance, smoother operation, less maintenance and higher TBO.

  • A smooth running engine reduces pilot fatigue and increases passenger comfort.

Upgrade your engine and take your aircraft to the next level.