Q: What’s involved in the [piston engine] overhaul process?

A: Read our Piston Engine Services page for a complete description. Or contact us with other questions.


Q: What warranty is offered by AeroEngines?

A: Learn about our Extended Warranty with an Engine Monitor.


Q: How long has AeroEngines been providing piston engine services, including overhauls?

A: In 1983, Tom Schweitz, an IA and Licensed A&P Mechanic, founded AeroEngines, LLC in Winchester, Virginia. Today, AeroEngines offers an exclusive reputation for consistent quality, personal customer attention and dedication to engine services excellence and safety. In more than 35 years of repairing and overhauling thousands of piston engines, AeroEngines has established expertise and specialization in the vast majority of Continental Motors and Lycoming Engines models. Contact us to request statistics on how much work we’ve done on your particular engine type and model.


Q: Is AeroEngines an official P.Ponk conversion provider?

A: Yes. Find AeroEngines listed on the P.Ponk website. We are the sole P.Ponk conversion provider for most of the U.S. east coast.


Q: What if I receive a lower quote from another engine shop?

A: AeroEngines will match or beat any price sourced from an FAA-approved repair station that conducts piston engine overhauls. Case-by-case analysis may result in rare exceptions to our price match guarantee.