AeroEngines offers a three year or 500 hour engine warranty on your new AeroEngines rebuilt engine. Accessories mounted onto your new AeroEngines engine also carry certain additional warranty terms.

We strongly suggest using an approved engine monitor to protect your engine and provide you with a long life and safe efficient use of your new motor. Some warranties will require an engine monitor be installed on your airframe. We offer several economical options to satisfy this requirement.        

“Our reputation for consistent quality is top-of-mind. Every day, our #1 goal is to create and maintain strong lifelong relationships with our customers. I bring a lot of hands-on experience with over 15 years of R&D management at Bell Labs, Corning and Northrop Grumman. And I am absolutely committed to procedural excellence and superior anomaly detection for all jobs that come into our hangars.”

Dr. Arthur Neeves
Vice President of Engines,  AeroEngines ,
Meiya Group